Antiwrinkle Treatments

Premature wrinkles can be an inevitable part of life.Wrinkles on the face are the result of our muscles repeatedly contracting whenever we express emotion (smiling, frowning, etc.). We have very low concentration neurotoxin injection which when injected relaxes these facial muscles, decreasing the pull they have on the skin’s surface, thus smoothening the wrinkles of the glabella (between your eyebrows), forehead, and eyes. This injection (cosmetically active skin smoothening agent) is a refined botulinum toxin. While this agent is a toxin, it is FDA approved in small doses and considered safe for wrinkle treatment. It much less invasive than a surgical facelift, not to mention less expensive. It is also used for blepherospasms. Most patients who experience extremely successful results are between the ages of 30-50. If your skin has lost its elasticity, botox isnot much effective

Antiwrinkle Treatments Typical Cost range
  • Rs. 15,000/ onwards
Antiwrinkle Treatments Time Required
  • About 15-30 minutes
Fillers Time Required
  • usually only take about 30 minutes to perform, depending on the amount being administered.

These are made of hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in our body's tissue. When a patient receives an injection of these, it simulates the body's own production of this substance to plump up and add volume to the injected area. Fillers are extremely successful at treating Superficial scars Fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and lips Deep Scars Lower Eyelid Wrinkles Smile Lines

Frequently Asked Question

Antiwrinkle Treatments

Is it an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
Outpatient .

What are the Side Effects?
The side effects are generally not serious.It is possible to experience a mild headache after the injections, and you may experience light bruising around the injection site, but this is temporary and will usually disappear in 3-7 days.
Providers need to be careful when administering it around the mouth as it relaxes facial muscles and can cause numbness and decreased control, resulting in drooling or slurred speech. This is not to say that these areas can't be treated, but every provider is different, and some choose to not use it around the mouth. You will need to check the qualifications of your provider before going through with treatment.

How Long do Cosmetic results last?
Usually 4-6 months.
When the botulinum toxin begins to wear off after about 7-8 months, the wrinkles will eventually reappear; but they are less severe than before. After few sessions of treatment, you will require follow up treatments less often.

Is there much discomfort?
There may be slight discomfort at the injection site.


Is Fillers injection an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?

What are the Side Effects of Fillers?
They include redness at the injection site, temporary numbness, bruising, and swelling.

How Long do Fillers results last?
The results are immediate and usually last around 6-8, or up to 12 months at the most. The results of your treatment depends on your age or the severity of your wrinkles in the area being treated and the type of Fillers Injected.

What is the recovery time for Fillers?
There is no downtime associated with Fillers. Any bruising should subside within 3-7 days.

Is there much discomfort for Fillers?
During treatment, pricking or stinging sensation is normally felt. Most patients become accustomed to the feeling and experience little if any discomfort.