We all have experienced those frustrating excercise resistant fat cells on the abdomen, thighs, hips and arms. If you can't seem to get rid of that extra fat--liposuction is a viable cosmetic surgery option. Liposuction improves the appearance of body areas that have concentrated mounts of visible fat. In liposuction, the fat is removed, creating a smoother, more attractive body contour by the use of suction technique. Various liposuction methods include the standard tumescent technique, ultrasound-assisted ( Ultrasonic Liposuction), and the most recent variations of liposuction including Vaser and SmartLipo. The incision for Liposuction are very small (3-10 mm) and are barely visible. Further, every effort is made to see that these cuts are hidden. Our Doctors should be able to explain their technique clearly and thoroughly enough to give you all the information you need to feel confident in your decision.

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Frequently Asked Question

How much time is required for an arm lift surgery?
The time required to perform lift may vary considerably, depending on the size of the area, the amount of fat being removed, and the technique used. Most arm procedures take from between 2 to 3 hours.

Do I require to get admitted or is it an Outpatient procedure?>
It is a day care procedure wherein the patient can be immediately released. In general you should plan on returning to work after 3-5 days. It would be about 2-3 weeks before normal gym activities or jogging should be restarted.

What are the side effects of an arm lift surgery?
A few side effects are uneven contours, irregular pigmentation, infection or excessive fluid loss. But these effects are temporary and are overcome within a few days time. For large volume lift blood thinners and early mobilization is done to prevent venous thrombosis.

Are there any Side Effects of Breast Augmentation?
Breast augmentation can cause temporary discomfort, bruising, soreness, swelling, and or skin wrinkling; temporary change in nipple sensation. In rare cases there may be some infection.

How long do the results of an arm lift surgery last?
The reduction in the size of the arms and the improvement in the shape are permanent, though it is important to maintain a proper diet and exercise program after the procedure.

How much time does it take to recover from arm liposuction surgery?
The usual recovery period is about 2 weeks. But working women can usually return to their work within 3 -4 days.

Sutures can usually be removed about 7-12 days after surgery

Patients are usually advised to take 7 to 10 days off from work. During this period, patients are advised to be as much mobile as possible. The majority of patients return to daily normal activities within 2 -3 weeks.